Judge Finds That Major Tobacco Companies Lied to and Defrauded Consumers and Marketed Directly to Children

U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler issued a final opinion in the U.S. government's landmark lawsuit against the major tobacco companies that found the companies have violated civil racketeering laws and defrauded the American people by lying for decades about the health risks of smoking and their marketing to children.

Higher Education in the Mountains: UVa-Wise, The Appalachian School of Law, and The Appalachian College of Pharmacy as Economic Engines and Keepers of the Region’s Best and Brightest Students

by Dr. Lu Ellsworth This is Part 1, covering local history and the impact of UVa-Wise on our region. Look for Parts 2 and 3, discussing the Appalachian School of Law and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in Buchanan County, Virginia, in future editions of Mountain Peeks. Living off the land, whether farming or harvesting abundant timber,...