New Court of Appeals Judge Teresa Chafin Joins Ranks of Women Appellate Jurists from Southwest Virginia

The crowd was big, around three hundred, and the number of judges unprecedented, over thirty, as Lebanon native Teresa Chafin became the newest member of the Court of Appeals of Virginia. The Court hears appeals from circuit courts regarding criminal, domestic relations, and administrative decisions. Although the Court of Appeals, numbering eleven judges, is statewide […]

Birds of the Powell, Clinch, and Holston River Watersheds

by Ed Talbott Photos courtesy of Roger Mayhorn except where noted Three major river systems arise in the hill and valley region of Southwest Virginia and follow the ridgelines, flowing southwest into Northeast Tennessee. The rivers are the Clinch, the Powell and the Holston, and these rivers, along with the French Broad River, […]

Mountain Peeks Updates

It has been several months since our last issue of Mountain Peeks. We publish our magazine when we have the time and material. We have received numerous requests to publish more often and will try to do so. Publishing and distributing a free regional magazine takes a lot of time and expense, and we appreciate your support and patience. We particularly thank our ad sponsors. The ad revenue does not pay all of our expenses, but it sure helps take the edge off, as our local elders like to say.
The past two issues reported several pending matters. Although the magazine publications have long lapses, time does not stop. We hope you enjoy this update feature.

A Note from the Publisher

Thank you for reading our third issue of Mountain Peeks. We have received positive reviews of past issues, and advertisers are happy with responses as well. This regional magazine is about the various people, places, and things that make far Southwest Virginia interesting and one of the best places to live anywhere. We “peek” into […]

Rural Appalachia: Disparities Within Disparities Full Report

Rural Appalachia: Disparities Within Disparities by Michelle L. Salob, ND, MPH Dr. Michelle Salob, earned a BS in Rural Sociology from Cornell University and a Doctorate in naturopathic medicine from NCNM (National College of National Medicine, one of four accredited schools in the United States that teach naturopathic medicine). Following her medical training, she completed […]

Is There a Middle Road in the Mountain Top Removal Debate?

Over thirty years ago, the Federal Surface Mining Act was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. I was invited to attend the Rose Garden signing ceremony because of the work that I and many others had done to get the Act passed. When he signed the bill, President Carter complained that the bill had been “watered down” and said he hoped it would be a start for stronger laws to come.

Two Mountain Boys Go to War

by Frank Kilgore A recent visit to the most serene of mountain cemeteries brought into focus how improbable it must have seemed to our World War II generation of Appalachian young men just how drastically their lives would change. How could they have known that a life of cutting trees with axes and cross-cut saws; […]